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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it important to be jewish to wear the Guardian Angel jewel?


It’s not important to be jewish, it has nothing to do with religion. Anyone that believes in the spiritual laws of the universe no matter what their faith is, can wear the jewel. It’s about connecting to positive vibes transmitted by the combination of the tree letters that form the Name of G-d to create unity with all people of the world and surround each other with beauty and spiritual love.




Should I learn how to pronounce the tree letters on the jewel?


The tree letter combinations are not words therefore it should not be prononced. According to Kabbalah, the Jewish mystical tradition, each letter of the hebrew alphabet form part of the creation and can’t be fixed in the common conscience: it’s intuition, it’s transmutation, it’s vibration, it’s essence. The sequences of the tree letters that form the 72 Names of G-d are a spiritual tool and the wisdom is revealed though the energy it contains.




How do I get in contact with the energy of my Guardian Angel?


To meditate with any of the 72 Name of G-d alias the 72 Guardian Angels find a quiet place, let go of all resistance, contemplate the three letters with a pure heart from right to left, close your eyes and mentally slide the sequence memorizing the shape of the letters in the right order. Listen. It is fundamental to invoke the Names of G-d always with respect and grace, without ever forgetting the Sacred that it contains.




How secure is this web site?


We are using the latest standart of internet security. We regard both the security and privacy of our customer with highest regard and will continuously update our security measures accordingly to ensure that our customers and ourselves are protected.




Can I see the art work before the shipment?


Its possible to see the art work before the shipment. Send an e-mail at info@sandravonrubenwil.ch with the specific request and you will get a pdf of the project.

This will give you a rough idea of the final work.




How do I care for my jewel?


Sterling Silver can loose its shin over time, you can gentley polish the jewel with a soft cloth and a small amount of baking soda, its a pure, safe and natural way to clean it.


Make sure to tie the string of your guardian angel jewel with a strong knot, I suggest to make a second Knot and put a pinch of glue on it.

The string is very resistant, it can last for several years without taking off.






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